Barcode Labels

Model Description

Barcode labels are utilized in ever innovative ways to help battle the issue of workplace efficiency, error control, pilferage and asset tracking. The type of barcode labels that are right for your company are dependent on factors, such as its primary purpose, how many barcode labels you are utilizing and whether you intend to utilize your barcode labels as a tool to facilitate stock tracking and asset management.

Barcode labels have evolved over the years and today the technology used to read barcode labels has improved exponentially, allowing much more information to be stored within barcode labels than ever before. Depending on your business need there are various kind of barcode labels you could pick from like:

  • Permanent adhesive labels
  • Tamper evident labels
  • Removable labels
  • Asset tags
  • Freezer labels
  • Heat resistant labels
  • Specimen labels
  • ID cards
  • Patient identification tags
  • Barcodes etched onto metallic surfaces
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